As Time Goes on Its Way

1. At the crescent edge of early light,
We watch the dawn surround the night,
And the day begins to shining low,
Sets heart upon heart aglow
As we rise and turn out toward our world
Where sea and sky are barely swirled,
Stepping lightly each one into life,
So never losing it from sight.
We dream to hold up every hour,
May we forever watch them flower!

As time goes on its way,
How we reach to grab its light,
Lest it turn back into night.
Surely we can make time stay.

2. So our days fill up with silver light
To force out fear and force out fright,
And though we know some dust on us may fall,
We’ll never let it darken all.
There are fires we’ve built now, each in turn,
Fires yet we claim as ours to burn.
Now our limits number so very few,
And failing often as limits do.
How we stride up in our crimson tower,
High at the pinnacle of power!

So here we’ve come to play
In the parts we know so well,
And ring our future like a bell
We're singin' as time goes on its way.

3. Of doubt we never knew a thing,
Nor the shallow misery it brings.
But if you dared close your eyes a time,
Did you wake up where no sun could shine?
The fires by then had lost their glow,
Could send no spark up from below.
You heard the wind roll on the rains,
Maybe winds of fortune blew winds of change.
What brought you then to darkness hours,
Far from your yellow field of flowers?

You have to run away
When your foe is not to fight.
For it doesn’t matter if you’re right,
You’re running as time goes on its way.

4. We’ve come from far to reach these places,
On many paths that time erases,
And those of us who’ve moved on to the end
Are no more than a breeze now, a ripple in the sand.
The night has let them linger on and so,
Into our dreams they search, then rise and go.
And when years have not undone the traces,
Then I remember poses, looks and faces,
And how the past pours out a shower
And vision of a kind forever mine, but never ours.

I wish that I could stay
To see every sunset fall,
To see the beauty in them all,
I’d follow, but time goes on its way.