Double Knot

1. There was a time so carefree rollin’,
Never thought for why or what,
‘Til I hung my hat on the rack in the hall
And I tied that double knot.

2. Never saw no arrow was aimed at my heart --
Well, that’s the one they call the cupid’s high sign.
But I heard a little whisper like a roarin’ train
Tellin’ me, settle back, you do not need for tryin’!

3. I started out callin’ her baby now,
Though she answered to mama too.
Soon mama weren’t free like she used to be,
When along come baby number two.

4. Now I was feelin’ like nothin’ but a family man,
Lookin’ for a little place to call home,
With mama lookin’ more like baby each day,
That’s ‘cause baby, oh-ho, baby don’t resemble no one.

5. Soon it got to be one too many mouths,
Too much shakin’ in the family tree,
With me gettin’ shook at the bottom, you know,
Always somebody up there kickin’ on me.

6. Well, mama’s been sleepin’ now and baby is too,
Brother and the others curled up on the rug.
Me, I’m walkin’ all around but what can I do?
I fill up on dreamin’ but it’s never enough.

7. So let ‘em be, I wouldn’t wake no one,
I ain’t got no kind of news.
Yeah, I could tell her things that she ain’t heard,
But it’s nothing that she could use.

8. Well, you pictured it in hearts, you later found it in spades.
But could a gal like you ever really be surprised?
So go ahead and rest your starry eyelids, mama.
Heaven knows, we cannot find you a brand new blue pair of eyes!