No One But the Wind

1. Look at you now,
well, you’ve found me somehow,
Can’t help watchin‘ you like it’s the first time ‘round.
But don't you know it’s a shame
to see how you’ve changed –
And how your face and eyes reveal what’s gone wrong,
That you did not intend
to see the places where you’ve been,
Though you offer not a story or a sound.
Right now I see clear
what has vanished in the air,
Fully lost, partly stolen, maybe nowhere to be found.

Now I’m not one who's tried to seek your mind
Or pushed to hear your secrets shared.
But if today is right to share your mind,
Come tell it to me, you know how I’ve cared.

Won’t you tell me what you can’t deny
And how your heart’s been hurt today?
Your secrets won’t have wings to fly
If we don’t let them fly away.
And what’s been whispered in my ear
Goes no farther than the wind.
And no one but the wind will know,
For no one else can ever hear.

2. You could tell me more
if your words were not at war,
Here you leave me wond’rin’, searchin’ for a clue.
If it’s someone else’s story
that has brought you down in worry,
Does it strike you not a word of it may yet be true?
And if words have caught you,
was there anything they taught you,
Was it something you could recognize inside of you?
Or maybe you heard mention of
ever faithful, lasting love,
Really just another dream, one more for you to lose.

If you claim you cannot push beyond
To where you’ll always be so strong
That you resist what tries to pull you down,
Then let me bring you up where you belong.

So tell the things that surely brought you here which
Your hurting heart cannot forget.
True or false, could be right or wrong, it’s
A secret burning in you yet.
But once you’ve spoken in my ear
And breathe your secret on the wind,
Then no one but the wind will know
What only you and I can hear.

A secret on the wind’s soon lost,
For no one else will ever hear.