Summer Song

1. I’ve grown up on
The white edge of dawn,
Always one foot ahead of the other.
Of the darkness I came from
There is little reminder,
I’ve never sought its valley for cover.

And the red eyes of battle,
The sweet face of dreams,
Could approach me
But not hold me for their own.

What is it that I’m looking forward to,
Lying on the hillside of blue?
Like a remnant of the summer,
My clothes do not feel new.
Shall I brush the dust and haze away?
I could be trying on my holiday shoe.

2. Now the sun collects the flowers
And it’s there my fate is caught,
In the shadows I know I have no home.
Though a ribbon of ease
Flows through the grass and the leaves,
Out here I can only call myself alone.

As the cream of the day
Gets all poured away,
Hear the breezes rise up
Restless through the trees.

What’s a girl like me supposed to do,
Caught between indigo and blue?
See the fire on the horizon
Burning orange instead of blue.
In the lamplight, on the steps of night,
I could be tying on my holiday shoe.

3. I picture parents and friends
Pulling on opposite hands,
And me with two jewels for my eyes.
But the shore where I landed
Offered less than a place
In the smooth sand that stretched out to the skies.

Now the story is told,
You can watch heaven unfold
Once the angels shed their
Wings and fade away.

It’s been a long time since I left school,
Just to end up on the far side of blue,
Where many names have been forgotten,
They have sailed without a clue.
And the ones I can recall are all
Tucked somewhere deep inside my holiday shoe.