Fallin' I Fell

1. Now I’m standing at your corner again,
Where I first saw you, hoping minutes wouldn’t end.
Good thing all my looking was free that day
‘Cause when I came here, I had only my time to spend.

What to do then but to follow your face?
My eyes couldn’t settle on any other place.
All that was missing was to hear you speak –
Should have been easy then with any little phrase.

But even as you walked away,
You know, by then you’d made my day.
And it’s true, it hardly took much more
‘Til I was falling, tumbling to your door.

No, I couldn’t tell how far I would fall,
Or if I ever had a choice at all.
And wond’ring what you might do,
Was there a chance I’d find you there too?
Us cozy in a wishing well
Since fallin’ I fell for you.

2. How did I choose what to say to you first?
My chance, it arrived and my lines came unrehearsed.
Then you tilted your head back toward me just so,
Like you were asking, isn’t it time we conversed?

How did you know all the right things to say?
Just the tone of your voice could have carried me away.
Each move you made, you did so easily –
I stood there too long so the moments could replay.

But how not to let you get away fast,
Because we had to make this feeling last.
Was there a way for me to be sure
That where I was, you would also be near?

Now I think I’d better slow my fall
While I’ve got any chance at all.
There’s no place else I’m going to
While I’m busy here falling for you,
And no reason anymore to tell
How I am fallin’, yes, I’ve been fallin’, how fallin’ I fell for you.