Like the Waves

1. I did wander long before you
Under skies that chilled the day.
Then I placed you when I met you
To warm the skies so gray.
And as you spoke I heard a sound
I couldn’t then explain.
And in sunlight too I’d hear it,
Sounded something like the rain.

2. Oh, you were ever like the weather
As I first found you there,
Like a mist borne on the ocean
Or from clouds, I know not where.
How to describe a vision clear,
Yet never bend the flame?
Oh, was it easy to be perfect there,
Like the wind and like the rain?


Now I’ve held you close
And I’ve wished you closer,
For you to reveal
The story you wrote.
For what I know
I’ve read in my story:
‘Twas I stirred the storm in your heart
‘Ere you spoke.

3. But remember I’ve stood faithful,
In years I’ve watched you go,
Hoping still not far from here
To know the things you know.
Better I return to climb
The path we’ve made so plain,
And where you’ll meet me like the waves,
Like the wind and like the rain.