Look What Time Forgot

1. Love, we hardly knew then,
What was real and what was true.
Makin' it all up,
Makin' it all up,
And makin' it up as we'd go.

Well, we were raising our kids,
Busy baking our bread,
Living lives full of changes -
Hard to focus our eyes up ahead.

Still some of what we found,
There was a chance to lay it down,
Hide away an early version of us two and what we brought.
Then to open that box up after so many years,
Sayin,' "Honey - Look! - look at what time forgot."


It was a sampler list of love, what we found.
From the precious to the sweet -
True devotion, full affection,
Loyal hears tied in connection,
Bound with kindness and commitment
In the place where they all meet.
In that pla-a-ace where - where they meet.

2. So we've come our way,
Chose our way,
Stepped into brighter places where we've stayed.
And it was so often hope,
Always so much to hope for,
Us hopin' we two would come through.

Even though worlds changed around us,
Some changes never found us
In the corners that time forgot,
Where time had simply passed us by,
In rare places where time was not.

And despite all that was altered,
Our steps that rarely faltered,
Made us glad for what we had and later got.
So we settled into lives into spaces we created -
You know, Babe, we're made up of what time forgot.

I'm happy spending hours in days that ti-i-ime forgot.