1. Well, I'm turning 'round this same streetcorner again
Like I've done so many times before.
I know the place exactly where I'm going to,
Only my thoughts are runnin' wide for sure.

I'm thinking how I got to know you, my friend,
and won'drin' how it happened at all.
We could have missed each other by a long, long ways
And never even known a name to call.

Well, I'm lucky bein' on your street,
Lucky for the chance that we could ever meet.
I'm the lucky one walkin' in the sun
And lucky that I'm standing here at all.

2. Never thought much that I could get knocked down,
But down I went just the same.
One day I drew the wrong card from a very bad hand,
So was luck the one that I should blame?

Somehow chance did bring you to me, my friend,
When life was swinging me the opposite way.
You were the first to pull me back up,
Though I never expected you'd stay -- that long haul.

Yes, I'm lucky bein' on my feet,
Lucky not to have a foe no more to beat.
You make me glad for all that I've won,
Mainly lucky there was you to break my fall.

3. Well, we're lookin' at everything the brightness brings,
Like love you gave when you came to attend me.
For you sent me hope, I caught the knot in that rope,
And it was you who rose up then to mend me.

We're livin' life full better than dreams now,
There's more ahead than what we already saw.
I've got a lot of good to remember for a long, long time
As I'm reachin' for a card to draw -- my next one.

Oh, I'm lucky that it's you I've come to greet,
Lucky walkin' down your side of the street.
Lookin' back at things that are done,
Well, it's lucky that I'm tellin' you this at all.
Lucky that it's me here after all.
Lucky we're together still, that's all -- that's all.