Pretty in Plaid

1. How did we hide from each other for the first two years?
Then it hit me in the following fall,
Watching in the hallway til I saw your face
Deep in the crowd and far from my call.
So our eyes didn't meet until we finally met,
And I helped you hang your posters on the wall.

You looked so good, I confess,
Stretching up in your dress,
There was nothing more for you to add.
You were beautiful there at first sight --
What to say besides, "You're pretty in plaid."

2. I saw you again on the fieldtrip bus,
The evening of the meteor shower.
I ditched my pals just to walk with you,
And we talked the better part of an hour.
Then by the fire we stood, pale clouds in the night,
For as long as your girlfriends allowed us.

Yes, you looked good in your sister's jacket
With the collar turned up --
There was just one question that I had,
"Now you've done it once more, won't you say what
Makes you so pretty in plaid?"


I saw you, I waited
Til you came along,
I knew you were the one.
I wanted, I needed
You to feel like me,
Hoping for you to see
We'd be the only ones.

3. Now we lingered in the shade of the old arcade,
Your hands around your knees where we sat,
Your hair across my shoulder and your neck so smooth,
We knew no friendlier place to be at.
Then we wrote our futures on the summer air,
Wishing life could always keep us like that.

Yes, whether in your pleated skirt
Or your long-tailed shirt,
Back when you were the best thing I had,
You were pretty at each of the right times,
And you never looked better than you did in plaid.