Take Me Where the Gypsies Buy Their Clothes

1. Hey, boy, I’ve lost myself inside a soulful divide,
Not knowin’ how I got here at all.
I’m searchin’ words to define now
What’s been stuck in my mind –
Let me trade you while I shuffle through these pictures I saw.

Now, I need something I don’t have and don’t quite know how to get.
Here’s where you can step into the scene.
Oh, you could help me today,
But it’s in a whole different way.
You gotta take me to somewhere that we’ve never been.

So I’m approachin’ you kindly, I suppose.
Well, either way, but if not,
I’m takin’ what I got
And goin’ where the Gypsies buy their clothes.

2. Yeah, call it me that’s bustin’ loose this time,
I’m breakin’ out at last for sure.
Could be this that I was meant for,
But now don’t you grow resentful.
I just need to be freer than I was before.

I don’t know what’s changed the places we were in,
Maybe I’m relivin’ some lost kind of thrill.
But if you’d just bend a little,
Move away some from the middle,
You’d find we’re better off movin’ than standin’ still.

Surely you can understand how this is so.
I’ve gotta hear some more yeses now
And not so many no’s.
So take me shoppin’ where the Gypsies buy their clothes.


Yes, skirts, hats, blouses and accompanying things,
I’ll seek that row of Gypsy merchants fine, all decked out like kings.
You’ll catch me walkin’ by the roadside with my hair flowin’ down,
Gold rings on my toes and my skirt kissin’ the ground.
Far too many colors for your eyes to take in –
What you get’s just the beginning,
You ain’t yet seen the livin’ end.

3. Now, I’ve got no secrets hid to cover or confess, love.
That was never in my cards, not now or then.
No, I’m not tryin’ to erase you, boy,
Heaven knows, or replace you.
Let’s rethink this endless runnin’ ‘round the circles that we’re in.

I admit I cannot tell you how come so far.
Well, I can’t even tell myself why.
Some days I feel both helpless and strong.
You know that changes quick when you come along.
No more runnin’ then; instead, I’ve gotta fly.

So take me with you, leave me home;
Anyway, I’ll do it alone,
Though it’s a simple request as it goes:
You gotta get me where the Gypsies buy their clothes.

Must go there,
I’ll meet you where,
Just take me where the Gypsies buy their clothes.