Adam Without Eve

1. This you –
The night’s easy perfume
Fell slowly across the room,
Soon it surrounded us all.

2. I wondered what brought me here
And what chance I would re-appear
Among faces and voices so strange to me all.

3. Then you –
In ribbons of darkness,
In background you stood,
And I watched as you stepped into view.

4. Your dress fit like the night,
How it held you so right
And reflected in curves every move that was you.

5. I saw the breeze lift your hair
Across your neck that was bare,
And your cheek flowered full in the light falling there.

6. You know
That our eyes traced a pathway,
We paused in each other’s gaze
As you raised your glass lightly to me.

7. And like the flame of a candle then,
You drew me further in,
And I knew why I came here once more,

8. To be –
Part of that perfume,
This pathway,
The heartbeat,
To follow this sweet thing,
This you.

9. Today as I look at you,
It’s clear that you see it too,
How much that first evening remains.

10. Because you found a way to me
That others could never see,
You had what no other could claim.

11. There in the arch of your lips,
As my hand touched your wrist,
I could tell all I needed to know.

12. Something then in your eyes
On the edge of surprise,
As our fingertips met and they wove in a row.

13. Now won’t you tell me where you begin,
I need to know you from start to end.
Love, I won’t return to those days without you.

14. For you –
Make it certain,
You’ve brought me
Much more than
I’ll ever give back to
This you.