Adam Without Eve

Intro verses:

1. Once you walked in weakness,
Was then you lost your strength
And sold it for a shadow,
Now you’re shorter than the shadow’s length.

2. Uneasiness, you made a one-time trade;
Here you stand for all your tryin’.
You say you are free to wander
Anywhere this side of the line.

3. And if you saw your saddest moment,
Where would you be now?
What day was the least like living,
Where living had to show you how?

4. But if you find perfection,
Well, you couldn’t lend a name to use.
So let’s just sit here and imagine,
There must be a game no one can lose.


1. Do you recall that Adam
Met his footsteps as he roamed
And wandered up to the edge of the sea
And waded into the foam?
And then it was he heard Eve’s words
And had to turn away:
“Now we could perish in our problems, love.
Let it be me who turns the day.”

2. For anyone lost in origins,
Seeking answers in the straw,
You may want for nothing ‘til you find
There’s nothing left at all.
The fog that always hid you
Soon must drift away.
The mist no more will comfort you,
The dust will blow your way.

3. Now we may never know the things
That happened in those days,
If Adam burned a flame for Eve
That lit up where they stayed,
If he no longer heard his voice
The time he chose to speak.
Oh, but he had to see infinity
Burning gold into a streak.

4. In front of men who didn’t know her,
Eve argued with herself.
The kind of love she should have saved,
She gave to someone else.
‘Til in sorrow she did slip away,
Veiled in the night.
Or did she stride out all in anger dressed,
Blessed in knowing she was right?

5. As I remember Adam,
Well, he was a lonely man
Who lost it all in a dream, they said,
And woke up in this land,
Naked, poor and tempted,
Oh, where then could he go?
Seems like you’re the one who’s dying
When you watch a man alone.