1. Can’t she write me a letter,
This one that I’ve hungered for?
Do I occupy space,
Do I take up her time?
I must not exist if I’m not on her mind.
And, oh, I’m sure
That she’s now forgotten me.

2. Receiving my letters
No longer impresses her,
She’s silent as I
Never thought she could be.
The curve of her lips
And the smooth skin that dresses her
Are born in my memory,
To finish in fantasy.


Now surely there’s recourse
Outside of my past,
Beyond the lost figures
I carefully cast,
Past curtain and stage
Where the actors have been,
But this one must win
That cannot give in:

The picture of Angelyn Elena standing,
Her long legs bending,
Or of her lying,
Her brown skin shining,
Her legs extending
Over my way.

But of course I can see
How she meant to explain
That nothing could follow
Between her and me.

3. So remove me from Bedlam,
Please take me from pain,
Don’t let my light settle
On her eyes again.
And this bird, when it flies,
Please watch that he stays
Apart from all meddling
And far from her balcony.