Better You Cry Now

1. Better you cry now
And don't be waitin' no more.
Put your face in your hands,
Too late for closing the door.
What I need to do first
Is to be done with the worst.
Since your eyes are aflame,
It's better you cry now.

2. What made you believe
Someone could hold you from harm?
You've got all your tears now
For keeping you warm.
You're gonna leave now,
You'll be alone if you stay.
Who'll be here when you grieve now?
Ain't that the usual way?


When it started,
You looked so good in your comfort.
When you stood,
You were standing too high.
So falling's never been so easy,
Yes, it was gravity,
It wasn't I.

3. Wherever you go now,
People see where you’ve been.
You got your arm around nothin',
Walking down to the sand.
And so I leave you nothin',
And let you start from the ground,
Change the words of my name to
"Better you cry now."

It's better you cry now,
It's better you cry now.