Here in Harm's Way

Here in harm’s way,
You’d best learn not to pause.
Someone likely hurts you now
Who never had a cause.
Rocks will tumble down,
Shadows rise up in your place.
Crawl back into your dreams and
Pull them tight around your face.

Open up your mail and
Read a note from the law:
They want the words from your mouth, then
They leave you no one to call.
Not much to pack but
What’s already in your head,
They'll turn you out of your home now,
And kick you out of your own bed.

Once the danger settles,
Will we two be standing here?
Bad luck has come between us,
And all the wrong words fly in the air.

Honey and I got
Plans, you know,
There’s a long list of places
Where we wanted to go.
So many people now,
Why won’t she choose?
But she signs all her glances
“Destined to lose.”

I remember a time
When the clock didn’t tick.
In a field of silver apples
We took all we could pick.
And when tired of the sun
We pursued the candlelight,
Never thinking that one day,
We’d have to map each corner of the night.

Well, baby cries all night sometimes.
You know, it’s not like me to
Want to treat her unkind.
You shake your head,
What can I do,
Watching life under one roof
Move under two?

I’ve paid any debt
So’s not to be here today,
Searchin’ through my fingers,
Knowin’ that I’m feelin’ such a way.

These days don’t bear repeating,
What keeps me hoping I
Awake at night to find a
Brand new set of stars out in the sky?

I tell you, there’s one road to glory
Across that river of shame,
And I will reach the other side
‘Cause here’s no place to remain.

All through to the end,
I won’t forget it, my friend.
There was you and I
And you and she,
But things just don’t last
As you want them to be.
‘Til we can meet on a hill
At a bright time of day,
I send you our regards from
Down here in harm’s way.