I'm Gonna Miss You When You're Gone

1. It's no use now, no chance of denying what we know,
Of the ways you'll make me miss you when you go.
You've told all your reasons, done your explaining too;
Put me in your place, I might do just the same as you.
But the hope I put in you forever now will never show,
Nor all the things about me that you will never know.

Tonight it's plain in sight just what has been undone.
You know I'm gonna miss you when you're gone.

2. I can't put it right no more, it's too late for you to listen.
I never gave a thought before about all that I'd be missin'.
Now once I held you tight, just as close as anyone --
Too tight, perhaps, oh, did I borrow off you too long?
Guess I'll have to live with what I've done, poor fool,
Make peace with all those other things, the ones I failed to do.

Next to me there'll just be emptiness come dawn.
Will you spare some time to miss me once you're gone?

3. Pick out any star-eyed couple walkin' 'round today,
Lock them up together, see how long they will play.
Ain't it sad once escape becomes their coveted plan
Instead of drawing closer, one woman to her man.
Life's never been a fair and even trade, we've found,
But being so uneven keeps you're feet fast on the ground.

Now there'll be plenty time for thinking once all is said and done.
Can't you see how much I'll miss you when you're gone?

4. One day you'll meet yourself unveiled, lost and fallen in the rain,
Ready to be found once more, achin' to be held again.
Now may the one who finds you be good at what he does
And be every bit the person that you'd ever wish he was.
And no matter how lost you are, may he not be one of those
Who'll turn his back like lightnin' now to hurt you when he goes,
Not someone who will hurt you when he goes.

Lord, it's much too late an hour now for us to carry on.
You just be sure I'm gonna miss you when you're gone.

How I'm gonna miss you,
No longer hope to kiss you,
How much I'm gonna miss you when you're gone.