It Don't Really Matter

1. Sit and listen to me, gal,
Time to settle up our scores.
Mine’s easy enough to drive on home —
I don’t need you like I did before.

2. Now I did not see this comin’ through,
Though it came not long ago.
You know, it don’t matter to me now
If you stay or if you go.

3. ’Course I don’t know about tomorrow,
But if you ask me today,
Well, it don’t really matter none
If you go or if you stay.

4. Ain’t it sad to see it happen?
Part of me never wanted to.
Guess something just got into me
And it bounced right back at you.

5. Given no good explanation,
It must be hard for you to see
That, though it might matter to you,
It don’t mean a thing to me.

6. Now, you know I don’t look at us
With anger or with hurt.
But if you gotta go now,
Well then, go for all you’re worth.

7. No, it don’t require battle
Nor is it even worth a tear.
Could be no one wins or loses now,
The clock just stops right here.

8. Well, clearly you are thinkin’ out
Should you just up and leave?
Can’t come as a surprise to you
That it don’t matter much to me.

9. Sure, I’m lookin’ out for me alone,
But it’s no evil thing to say,
You pick up what suits you now,
D’ya go or do you stay?

10. Nothin’s holding either one
Of us upon this road.
Should you choose to stay here,
I might choose this time to go.

Yet I’m askin’, what brought down my heart
So that it’s gone from in its walls?
How it’s beating in some other place,
Way distant from my calls?
So what have I to guide me now,
As if memories could stand up?
I’m cut away and driftin’ now
To where there’s only me left to bluff.

11. I got somethin’ to admit to you,
Maybe you’ve seen it taking shape:
Truth climbs a wire straight uphill
Where it’s unlikely to escape.

12. How I’d like to leave here feelin’ that
It’s all worked out for the best.
Someday I’ll find things mattered more,
Let’s call that my best guess.
And life will emerge from out its hole
And stretch right out to me —
Now let that be my final word,
Let it be my last request.