Leavin' Me When You Did

1. We started out in our earliest hours
Together looking for a good sign.
We lived a life that put all the right pieces
Into place for the very first time.
And for us there was no easier fortune
Than this one that we stood ready to find.

We were glad for what we'd done --
We lived for two of us instead of one,
And for the two of us we dreamed so much.

Well, I never knew just what it was
That we had or what we said.
We were busy then just lovin' us,
Lovin' us the way we did.

2. One day while at the peak of our future
We chanced to see a new world's shape.
We asked, is this the time for us to go there,
Or will we go there as a matter of fate?
Back and forth we argued our choices
'Til we were drawn there and saw no escape.

Was then we went to meet the new
At a place unknown to me and you,
And there we felt the wind blowing colder.

Now, we didn't know just where we stood
Or how we got from where we hid.
What we saw was freedom leavin' us,
Leavin' us was all it did.


Sometimes a thing will happen, yes,
Become a turning of events.
Could be certainty,
All doors but one are closin',
As love's new day
Brings you what it may,
A darker flower unfolding.

3. Where do you go when you're only a stranger,
And your path just leads you further from town?
You knew exactly what your new life was asking,
You made your move while hardly looking around.
Soon I ventured no more questions or answers,
Only stood there in the shadows I found.

The rumors that you started turned true,
You wanted me so much less than you.
You could no longer turn your head back homeward.

Well, you chose your course for better or worse,
You had it just the way you said.
You saw it change from two to one of us,
Me losing you when I did.

4. So you went where I could not follow,
And I waited where you never came.
I did pick up the puzzle that you left me
To see if I could ever win this game.
I begged for time to send a different story
'Cause days without you hurt so much the same.

Well, I arrived just ahead of the end
Where there was something waiting to begin --
I had to choose my next step forward.

Yes, you've come and gone and the past moves on.
Did you make it where you tried to get?
And was the best of you caught leavin' me,
Leavin' me when you did?