Miss My Little Girl

1. Some days a breeze alone could knock me right down.
I feel so funny, every corner’s turned round.
I can’t answer anyone’s list of questions;
If there’s something you need, you’d better make exceptions.
So welcome to the beat of my world
Where, lonely me, I’ll be the first to reveal
How much I miss my little girl,
Miss my little girl,
Miss her since she’s gone away.

2. Yes, I admit to feelin’ torn and sad
‘Cause I’m missin’ out lately on the good thing I had.
I didn’t realize just what she could do,
Make me feel so low, the way I’m talkin’ to you.
I picture those dark eyes and dark curls
And me on the receivin’ end of her brightest smiles.
How much can you miss a little girl,
Miss a little girl,
Miss her ’til she’s comin’ back my way?

3. Oh, let me turn back the hour, turn back the day
To a happier time before she went away.
I’m creatin’ conversations that I wish we had.
If she could repeat her lines, I wouldn’t hurt but half as bad.
Now what was lost went out in a whirl,
And once the sunlight had faded to gray,
How I missed my little girl,
Missed my little girl,
I miss her like the break of day.

4. Bit by bit I’m playin’ a more worrisome game —
What if today and forever look exactly the same?
I’m dreamin’ long dreams of a shadow embrace,
I see me in her eyes, light of joy in her face.
And you, if there’s anything you’ve heard
Of her whereabouts, don’t keep it away,
Because I miss my little girl,
miss that little girl,
I’ll miss her ’til she’s home to stay.

5. I’ve often told myself the two of us were meant to be.
But maybe she’s not realized just what she meant to me.
Shouldn’t I be knowin’ now where she spends her days?
‘Cause for me it’s cruel enough to have to see her gone this way.
Indeed, “lonely” sums it up in one word.
And it’s not easy for me movin’ on
When I miss my little girl,
Miss her in my world,
Miss her ’til she’s home, I pray.

Miss her like she took the sun aw-a-a-a-ay.