Strangers Again

1. Magellan's sailed circles
‘Round the shores of my mind,
I'm worried -- years of experience,
And they leave you behind.
You've gone and made five corners
Where there used to be four --
Can we ever be strangers?
Now I'm no longer sure.

2. You know you've got me runnin'
Like I've not run before.
I could try for the border,
Or hide under your door.
Let me tear a page from my book
So you might understand --
When I get home each morning
I'm a desperate man.

3. My dreams I remember,
Though I'm not in love with them.
When I awake I like to
Know where I am.
Now could you handle my fate
If it happened to fall
Like a top whose direction
You can't choose at all?


So will the surprise
Show up in your eyes
Or mine on the street as we pass?
And we both grow aware
That I know you from somewhere,
But neither knows what to ask.

4. The souvenir of your looks
Was the thing that you gave.
I'm that kind of collector,
Never knows what to save.
But still I can't tell
Where your heart rests each day --
Though I might make you vanish,
You might make me stay.