Any Little Thing at All

1. Well, I’m seein’ you, baby, as you’re standin’ here,
Knowin’ you don’t really need me at all.
You’ve got the best already of what there is to have.
You hardly need another lover to call.
True, you got along fine without me so far,
Just someone else come to tug on your strings,
Mostly bringin’ you those same old things.
So why let me stay?
‘Cause I’m in love with any little thing you do.
Yes, it can be your call —
I’m busy watchin’ you for any little thing at all.

2. Used to be I thought I knew romance.
I thought I’d seen what there was to see
Until I saw you — oh, there was so much new.
And I could fall for anything you’d do.
Amazing that I got through that way to you.
You let me in though you had a sky full of choices.
Lots of stars hangin’ there, but not me or my voice was.
Won’t you let me stay?
Seein’ all those little things you do,
You pulled me in, I could not resist the draw,
Watchin’ you do any little thing at all.

Bridge: Yes, it’s those little things that bring you on home —
Oh, your feet on the stairway,
Your voice on the phone,
Your eyes dark with moonlight,
Or when you’re walkin’ alone.

Come shake out your hair
And stretch out your hands,
As I pull you closer now
With nothin’ more between us than the thin, thin air.

3. I never thought I’d be so easily led,
But you’re like nothin’ that I’ve seen before.
I’m a captive for as long as you let me stay;
I’m seein’ nothin’ now that closeness won’t cure.
I know that I’m competin’ for time.
I’ll let you be what you wanna be, that’s fine.
Still hopin’ I can call you mine someday.
So now I’m busy here watchin’ for signs
And pickin’ up on any kind of clue,
I’m lookin’ out for any little thing you do.
So tell me you’ll stay.
This time I’m gonna let the chips fall,
Knowin’ you can keep me happy with any little thing at all.

Babe, I’ll follow you, follow you down for
Any little thing at all.
Any little thing at all.