Blue Eyes Never Looked So Good

1. I met you in the first-time turn of your eyes,
I spoke and made you look my way.
Took but a moment, I was quick to realize
There stood I, locked deep inside your gaze.

For you stopped me in the midst of my steps,
As we traded each our brightest smile.
I heard the words fall lightly from your lips,
And I knew I’d need to keep you there a long, good long while.

So I brought out every move that I could,
Although you left me at last mystified,
Me not knowing if I understood
Just how blue eyes —
Come on, blue eyes never looked so good.


I thought somehow you’d stolen sky and sea,
You took the glint of blue ice.
That is what you sent back to me.
Now, the gleam in your eyes put the dream in my eyes
As your smile melted me inside,
I rushed to keep you occupied,
Just to hold you there a long enough time.
I couldn’t think to set you free then,
Long as you’re looking that way at me then.

2. Not every day I meet someone the first of your kind,
Those eyes that locked me in place,
That look that found itself full frozen in time
To leave me starin’ yet again at your face.

Please let me ask you now, won’t you come away?
Don’t let me linger alone unsure,
When I believe that you could join me today.
Don’t tell me you’re a vision, no more. Not no more.

Got a feelin’ that’s sayin’ I would
Find there’s a long ways yet for me to fall.
So it’s best to keep you here in my neighborhood,
Me captive by your blue eyes —
Because blue eyes never looked so good.