She Walks the Night in Splendor

1. She walks the night in splendor as she goes,
Appearing where the twilight now has fled.
First you see her framed against the blue,
Then you see her silhouette in red.

She wears the evening sun just like a rose;
She wears the darkening hillside for her gown.
A blanket of the stars becomes her robe;
Her hair is wove with moonlight falling down.
Her hair reflects the moonlight all around.

2. She greets the night in passing overhead,
And she embraces darkness as it comes.
Her feet shine in the wet grass as she goes;
She walks the river's stones where water runs.

The night is tinted deep in red and then
Stars fall from her robe to light her way.
The flowers are all sleeping as she comes,
And they nod in agreement where she plays.
The flowers they would join her where she stays.


She takes you places you've not been
And shows you sights you've never seen.
She's ready to tell all to you
And whispers things forgotten too.
You see her cross from field to hill,
She wears the night in splendor still.
She wears the night in splendor still.
Once you see her you cannot be free.

3. Yes, and I'm not free to step outside her rhymes,
I'm caught up in her dreams and in her song.
And though I've come to place my fate with her,
Tonight I know that she won't stay for long.

Once the dark is spent then she must fade;
'Til evening I'll remember how she posed.
The morning misty air begins to rise;
Does she leave the night in sadness when she goes?
Does she leave behind a sadness as she goes?