Somewhere In the Hollow of Your Heart

1. Somewhere in the hollow of your heart,
I know that you can find a way.
Looking at where I been to,
I should have come here from the start.
I know there’s a place inside your heart.

2. Is there a place for one like me?
You know I’d forsake my memories
And fly to be by your side
Like a lonesome sparrow might,
Like someone seeking shelter in the night.

3. Are you the one I used to know?
Won’t you take my hand and tell me so?
Out here where I ramble,
Out here it’s a shame,
Here you find nobody can speak nobody’s name.


Maybe I’ve been lying to me,
Just to find me crying, you see,
I don’t want to be the one
To take me home.
But honey, as I’m looking at you,
What do I behold, a statue
Of a kind whose face has never
Met the glow.

4. Oh, please tell me if your heart’s a home.
How long have you lived there all alone?
Now what we know’s for certain,
That we’re beyond the hurtin’ part,
And it’s for me to light the light up in your heart.

I know there’s a place inside your heart.
Yes, I’ve seen the places in your heart.