Full Circle

Chorus: Well, I’ve come full circle
And I’ve gone where there is to go.
I’ve seen a little bit of all of it
And I know what there is to know.
No use in going back anymore,
For I know all there is to know.

1. Strange to hear your words at this crossroads place and time,
At the corners of everywhere you thought you left behind.
Odd that all of it keeps on coming back into view.
It’s understood you’ve been around so long, nothing really looks like new.
Well, you, the traveller, have walked out of the mist,
Wearied by your question, whatever caused you to exist?
Will your next step take you outside the circle and free?
Is there another life whose borderline you can sense but you cannot see?
With luck you’re able still right now to feel and force a change,
Like grab up all the pieces left and begin to re-arrange.

Chorus: True, I’ve come full circle,
So I’ve gone where there is to go.
Having seen a little bit of all of it,
I know what there is to know.
Ah, no use in going back anymore,
Once you know what there is to know.

2. I was no longer young when I first heard this sung,
But I heard his rhyme as simply words far flung.
For I felt no risk of boredom, lost vision or excess.
Lord, I couldn’t tap the meaning of meaninglessness.
But the time-worn traps of age did grow and finally trip my gaze,
Distracted by those tainted words that he himself had raised.
My life was lashed by circumstance I won’t reveal.
But the hideout of despair at last did crumble away and yield,
And the whip that sat inside me did bring me to my feet,
Set to banish that arc of cruel thought to which I could not concede.

Chorus: Have we two come full circle
And gone where there is to go?
Claim we’ve seen a precious bit of all of it,
Think we know what there is to know.
What if we never get to go back anymore,
Never knowing what we came to know?

3. Now each of us hoards our secrets well behind our featured face.
May mine be not as fateful as those you must embrace.
Seems we’re searching after broken items hidden in this room —
Disillusioned, disenchanted, we’ve joined our quest too soon.
We act too old for the present time, as if age itself’s a prize.
What we need’s a new timepiece, one that’s set to recognize
The youngest beat, the latest trace to seep right through the cracks,
Surrounding us though we may not know, for having turned our backs.
Now what would happen to us if we forged a brand new plan?
Would I wake up the next morning, chance become a younger man?

Chorus: Seems I’ve come full circle,
Tried going where there is to go.
Therefore I’ve seen a little bit of most of it,
So do I know what’s worth it to know?
I don’t need to understand all I came here for;
I just want to say “yes,” not “no.”