1. When will I learn to recognize
Things I've never seen before,
Catch them as they're running at me,
Sweeping by me past the door?
But no surprise, I'm emptyhanded still,
Foolishly asking, why, what for?

Genderella, how times have changed.
I used to know you by another name.
But sensitivities turned a corner meanwhile,
And propriety prompted you to change your style
So not one of us need feel ashamed
At the mention of your..., Genderella.

2. Lovers, friends and others left you
When they heard the midnight chime.
No further magic spells for you,
As you turned to see your dream unwind.
Now what you get is less than you brought here, girl --
Let's let somebody else win this time.

Genderella, won't you give what it takes
To help us move beyond past mistakes?
Sure, people tell you it's worth it
For a chance at rebirth,
As they replace what we'd put here to stay.
Now it's one way all the way, Genderella.

3. Look, stars are missing from the sky
And the fairytale counter is closed.
Curfew's past and your family's so hard,
I won't leave you on the steps alone.
If you'll tell me what to believe in now,
I'll help you find your way back home.

Genderella, it's not ours to change
What you gave away to get your name.
Though your sisters and you still look the same,
Could it be more than a word that's changed?
I saw no need to rename you
Or a reason to tame you,
In the end there was nothing to gain.
For me it was only a shame, Genderella.