Gold Chain

1. Changed my fortunes,
Changed my home,
Settled down where
The wind stopped blowin’.

2. Took off my hat
And I folded my coat,
Waitin’ for an answer
To the letter I wrote.

3. Too many changes,
Much too hard to explain.
Just take up the best of
The things that remain.

4. Hands in my pockets,
Lookin’ past all kinds of days –
How many people know
The name of this place?

5. Starin’ up toward heaven,
See the clouds begin to move --
I’m lookin’ out through
A hole in the roof.

6. Watchin’ out the window,
Listen for the knock.
My heart’s a trippin’ like
The weight on a clock.

7. I know someone's been here,
Come and told the kids,
Don’t they understand
The kind of foolish thing I did?

8. Now I ain’t talkin’ no change of heart,
And ain’t talkin’ regret --
You know I pulled the gold chain
From around my neck.

9. Now my head don’t trust the pillow
And my feet don’t trust the bed –
I’m tryin’ to remember
What it was that someone said.

10. Went to see the night boss
And I begun to hope,
Won’t he be walking toward me
Carryin’ that white envelope?

11. If I had a dollar
For every one I spent,
I guess I could forget about
Where each dollar went.

12. Starin’ over yonder,
What do you think I see?
A rich man and his master,
But they don’t look at me.

13. The one is all in long silk,
The other’s dressed in red.
They’re searchin’ for a corner,
Somewhere to lay their heads.

15. Now I could go approach them,
Or I could watch them getting lost.
What would follow me now
If our pathways were to cross?

16. If I let them stumble
And not find them once again,
Will I tell everybody,
Oh, yes, I saw them then?

17. What will follow me
If I play the other song?
Will I stand up as the master,
Oh, will it let me play for long?