Welcome to This Whole in the Ground

1. Welcome to this hole in the ground,
You may never live here so take a look around.
Since you stumbled into it,
Just find a place to sit,
And lean back for a minute as you take in all you’ve found.
We’re so surprised that you finally came down.
So let me bid you welcome,
Welcome to this hole in the ground.

2. It had to be a long way to fall,
This ain’t the place you wanted when you came out to call.
No one chooses to live here
In the middle point of fear,
But you’re not from this place so you don’t have to stay at all.
Nobody’s gonna make you settle down
And take a room in the dirt here
To be stuck inside this hole in the ground.

3. Welcome to this world without end –
You may enter where you exit, don’t expect to bring a friend.
Is it too much to ask
That they simply let you pass
And stop squeezing you to pay ‘til you’ve got nothing more to spend?
Ain’t that the way that the world’s gone down?
Best to see what you can take with you,
And just drag into your hole in the ground.

4. Can you show me a way to get by?
Don’t ask me how I got here, for I cannot tell you why.
This place may look like destiny
For some of us, you see.
I came here as a young man, now I mention with a sigh --
I just want back all that I once gave away.
And that’ll make it much better
Than living in a hole day by day.

5. Why can’t I walk to some other land?
Odds are it won’t happen, yet somehow I think it can.
I haven’t much to lose,
So it’s easy now to choose.
If you can’t take me with you, then I’ll make another plan.
I hate to say this place is my home
And that I’ve been left standing,
Hiding in a hole all alone.

6. Underneath this hollowed-out bowl,
We started out as equal but somewhere we lost control.
Yes, some don’t fit inside,
So they fall out and hide.
Others lose their way now as they go from half to whole –
May they be lifted on a wing and a prayer,
And may they fly free from
Ever living in a hole way down there.