When the River Comes Home

1. How long I’ve watched the water flow by me,
And wondered what great distance it may flow.
For I came to this world bent on seein’ everything,
As if time had no hold on me, you know.
But where I’ve wanted to set my feet the most,
Just to read its story up close,
Is to see how the river runs home,
To be there waitin’ when that river comes home.

2. I’ve seen the place where these waters begin
In the thaw of the deep mountain snows,
Starting drop upon drop as a stream did arise
And ever gathering water as it goes.
Cascading downhill, it did etch the valley deep,
Cut a path clear through earth and stone.
Soon it found its might down in the canyon steep,
Then meeting prairie and plain, began to slow.
It was young when it learned that it needed a home,
So it must be bound for – Destination: home.

3. This river, I know, did spring from right and reason,
And from tolerance shaped an all-righteous flow.
It carried justice down the hillside
To the waiting plains below,
Where freedom overflowed its banks,
Watering every field and row.
It’s run restless all the distance it’s been,
And won’t find peace until it reaches the end.
For once the river has delivered it all,
Then only peace will remain as its goal.
So like a picture out of God’s own eye,
It has moved the mountains on its own.
But its future is to find a way home.

4. We can ask if redemption waits out there or not
And if anyone’s ever truly washed clean.
But I suggest instead you let me lead you on down,
For someone else needs to see it there too.
We’ll both find out what the water can do
As we’re standin’ knee-deep at the edge of a pool,
Early watchin’ how the river runs home.
Yes, we two to witness when the river comes home.

5. Finally to be standin’ where the fresh water ends,
Now past the grass and forests as this wide river spreads.
Spreads so wide like it’s calling goodbye,
It has given up all that it owns.
Its waterway now merging, drawn into waters swirling,
The stream has bowed to foaming surf.
We’ve long sought this place of harmony,
There where the river joins the sea,
Now peace has entered our own pool of calm.
So we gather what was given us upon this journey home,
Grateful that we never had to make this trip alone.
‘Cause, you see, it’s been a long ways, Lord,
It’s been a long time coming home.

And it’s good, so good to be here when the river comes home.